handmade ramen bowl

My creative cousin strikes again!  For Avery's birthday gift this year, Amy made a pretend ramen bowl using the following "ingredients": yarn, felt, craft foam, Sculpey UltraLight oven bake clay, acrylic paint, card stock and Modge Podge.  Genius, right?!

lego crayons

As promised, here are photos of some of the many lego crayons I made this past Christmas to give to Avery's friends.  These are the ones I ended up keeping for Avery, and as you can see, they are a little worn down because they've been in use!  I purchased a lego-shaped mold on eBay and used this tutorial, but ended up increasing the oven temperature to 225-250 degrees (depending on the batch).  Recycled crayons are fun and economical to make, and there is an endless variety of shapes and possibilities out there!


beco butterfly 2

The Beco Butterfly 2 is one of the best baby carriers in the market.  Not only is it designed to minimize back pain, but it comes in a variety of modern prints.  The weight capacity is 7-45 lbs.  You can read more about it here, and here.

rainy day morning

Lots of energy this morning!

[Photo taken with my iPhone.]


frosted cupcakery


Over the weekend, we bought a half dozen cupcakes using a Groupon at Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach.  I thought I would snap a few pictures before we dug into these beauties.  My favorite was the lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting.  (From top to bottom: neapolitan {the monthly special}, strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting and orange with orange cream cheese frosting.)