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i need a camera to my eye...

Avery and Nate were into making these duplo cameras earlier this year.


farm anatomy

Farm Anatomy, by illustrator Julia Rothman, is truly a sight to behold—an exquisite and thoughtful hand-drawn and written compendium of farm life.  It is an amazing introduction and reference to agrarian culture, something we don’t always have access to, especially if we live in the suburbs or are city dwellers.  Farm Anatomy’s contents range from types of chicken coops, sheep sheds, canning tomatoes, egg breeds, heritage turkey breeds, making maple syrup, old-fashioned kitchen tools, spinning yarn to natural sources for dyeing yarn.  Looking forward to Julia Rothman's next book!


halloween candy bark

We made Halloween candy bark for the first time this year!  Read about it on Honest to Nod.



The theme for our Instagram #littlelitbookseries this month is fall/Halloween.  My kids were so enthralled with Popcorn by Franck Asch that they read it several times within the first few days of having it.  It’s Halloween and Sam invites his friends over for a costume party while his parents are away.  They each politely bring the same treat to share—popcorn!  Sam makes the fantastically unfortunate decision to pop everyone’s popcorn and a quietly hilarious fiasco ensues.

Please check out everyone else's favorite fall/Halloween reads in the #littlelitbookseries.



What makes Jason Chin's Redwoods extraordinary is that it's both a brilliant imaginary tale and a rich, well-researched expository text.  A boy starts reading a random book about redwood trees left on a bench in a subway station.  As he becomes immersed in the book, he finds himself going back in time, literally.  He starts to learn about the history of the magnificent redwood, gets off at his stop, walks up the stairs of the subway station and emerges into a deep, foggy forest of coastal redwoods.

And if you've never been to Redwood National Park in Northern California, I'll be posting a few photos from a trip I took there some years ago on Instagram.  It is a vast sea of majestic redwoods, fog and unbelievable beauty and so worth a visit no matter how far away you live.