avery's 4th birthday

Avery's 4th birthday was so fun to plan! It centered around a round orange stuffed cat from IKEA known in our household as "catball." Since she was one, Avery has had a brood of catballs that she plays with, sleeps with, etc. Basically, they're her favorite creatures in her entire menagerie of stuffed animals. The party colors were mostly oranges with various shades of blue worked in here and there. On the menu were mini vanilla cupcakes from Susiecakes, mini orange-glazed donuts from a local shop called Fill in the Hole Donuts and lollies with kettle-cooked jellies from Trader Joe's (these were a clear winner at Avery's 2nd birthday party).

The orange circle garland is from one of our favorite children's retailers, Land of Nod. It's made of felt and can definitely be used over and over again. Avery's beloved catballs are wearing party hats made with Paper Source prints using an easy template thanks to Lavender's Blue. Avery also has a deep love of balloons, so I ordered a 36" round citrus orange balloon from Shop Sweet Lulu and had it blown up at our local Party City. We had a candy necklace-making station with gummy Lifesavers and Cheerios, inspired by an idea in this book.

Last but not least, little pom poms were tucked away in tiny orange chevron little bitty bags, made by Whisker Graphics and purchased from Shop Sweet Lulu. Avery is really into pom poms and little things that she can collect and carry around at the moment. It was a wonderful celebration that marked an important birthday. I still can't believe Avery's 4-years-old! We love you Avery, and thank God for you. :)


playing on the beach

 As "Spring Forward" approaches, we're starting to think about longer, light-filled days.  This is Avery at the beach towards the end of last summer.  The light at the beach always seems so magical at sunset.  Avery is wearing a PO.P dress from at least a couple of years ago and it's one of my absolute favorites.  I love how the dress sort of grows with her and how she's still able to wear it even though she's older and taller.  This dress has survived hours of romping and many washes and still looks fresh and winsome.  PO.P definitely lets children be children...and look amazing while doing it.


avery's 3rd birthday

Avery's third birthday was last year and as with Nate's, I never got a chance to post photos from it.  Her celebration included cupcakes from Susiecakes and bunting and favor bags from Acme Party Box.  The favor bags ended up serving as gift wrap for some of Avery's presents.  I like Acme's ecoparty concept and how well-constructed their supplies are.  We can reuse their things in imaginative play, to decorate a room in the house or in other parties in the years to come!


painting with patterned blocks

A couple of weeks ago, Avery used patterned blocks to paint on some Arches watercolor paper. The blocks were from this Melissa & Doug set and the paint was from Glob.  Glob produces natural paints made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.   Avery experimented with the blocks, using them not only to stamp, but to smear paint.  She would also dip a block in multiple paints, mixing the colors and making interesting patterns.


nate's first birthday

Nate's first birthday was actually last year but things were so hectic that I never got a chance to post these.  His celebration was small but still momentous, with cupcakes from our favorite bakery, Susiecakes.  Back then, Nate didn't actually care for his chocolate cupcake too much, but it is definitely a different story today since Nate is smitten with anything chocolate!  Happy birthday, Nate!!!