colors by orla kiely

I have been a long-time fan of Orla Kiely's beautiful and modern prints, bags and textiles.  The way she combines bold color and pattern is an homage to vintage mod yet fresh and innovative at the same time.  In Colors, Orla Kiely's design sensibilities translate well to a board book about colors for babies, toddlers and young children.  Her familiar stylish and playful icons and graphics grace each set of pages.  After we read and admired the different prints and shades of color on each page, we sorted objects by color in different columns to create our own interesting designs.

Thanks to Land of Nod for sending us this gorgeous board book!


painting together

Avery and Nate's first collaborative painting and probably Nate's first time painting ever, back in February.  They used Glob paints.


to and fro

The Car Transporter, hand-painted and assembled in Poland by Bajo, has beautiful, sturdy construction, smooth textures and is painted in bright primary colors.  The transporter takes two little cars where they need to go, whether it be from room to room or across the rug.  The soft, smooth surfaces and rounded edges are perfect and gentle for a toddler or preschooler's hands.  Stack up some blocks to make a cityscape, lay down a washi tape road and now all you need is someone to direct traffic!  Washi tape road found via Apartment Therapy Family.  Thanks to Land of Nod for sending us the Car Transporter.


more green

After her second time reading Green, Avery made a "moon map."


spot it!

I originally found a recommendation for this book on the Wee Blog.  Spot It! is by French author, illustrator and designer Delphine Chedru, and is a collection of stunning patterns, one on each set of pages, with a hidden creature.  The task of finding each skillfully disguised creature is a good exercise in visual discrimination.  The fun we had with this book will definitely have us looking for Chedru's other works!