sneak peek: avery's easter basket


Here is the rundown of this year's basket:
Little Sapling Toys organic wooden camera: I love how there is a viewfinder to look through and how there is a lens that you can turn to "focus."  Avery is going to love her new camera!
Set of tiny pink Moleskine notebooks
Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
Susiecakes decorated egg-shaped cookie
Crepe paper carrots and daffodil candy cup (filled with Cheerios)
Bundles of crayons in egg cups

drawing with chalk


kid o shapes puzzle

Avery playing with her Kid O Recognizing Shapes Puzzle.  I love Kid O's simple and bright aesthetic.


mini easter baskets

I decided last-minute to make some mini Easter baskets for some of Avery's friends.  I took white nut and candy cups, hole-punched the sides of each cup, strung ribbon through each hole and tied a knot on each end to make a little handle.  I then snipped some green crepe paper to resemble grass (tutorial here) and pasted it around the outside of each cup.  I put carrot-shaped bags of jelly beans in each basket, along with some other treats.  To make those, I poured a little less than a tablespoon of jelly beans into the corner of a ziploc bag, tied the top with some green ric rac and trimmed the top with pinking scissors.


easter basket

For a quick Easter basket, I cut out part of the middle portion of a paper plate to look like a basket and snipped some colored tissue paper in the shape of little eggs.  Avery decided to glue just a few eggs onto the basket. :)