nate's valentines

Loved how Nate's valentines turned out this year!  He was so excited to make them, too.  You can see how we did them on Honest to Nod.


my neighbor totoro 

This photo is from back in the summer, when Avery and Nate were obsessed with Totoro!  We got them these Totoro and Catbus t-shirts from Redbubble.  They could barely contain their excitement.  Rawwrrr!

Check out Redbubble's entire Totoro collection here.


valentine necklaces

We're making Valentine necklaces at Honest to Nod today.  I'll be sharing more ideas for Valentine's Day in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!  

Thanks to The Land of Nod for providing us with garlands and the elephant friend for our Valentine-crafting session!


star wars new year's eve

Happy New Year!  Just wanted to share a couple of photos from our last-minute Star Wars New Year's Eve!  After a little bit of a search, we found these Lego Star Wars microfighters (the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing Fighter) and a copy of the original Star Wars trilogy (which Avery and Nate hadn't seen yet).  With a sprinkle of Benzie's feltfetti and one of our favorite snacks (salt and vinegar chips) at the ready, we watched Episode IV.  We watched Episode V the next day, but still haven't gotten around to Episode VI yet (which is my favorite of the three).

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and a wonderful start to the New Year!


the jolly christmas postman

The Jolly Christmas Postman is another gem by Janet and Allen Ahlberg (see my post about the original Jolly Postman here).  This time, the Jolly Postman makes his rounds in fairy tale land, but this time with Christmas cards and surprises, like a jolly board game for Red Riding Hood (that you can actually play!) and a delicious "book in a book" for the Gingerbread Boy.  This is definitely one of the must fun and interactive books in our holiday collection and a favorite to read at this time of year!  Merry Christmas, everyone. :)