little blue and little yellow

A friend of ours gave Avery a copy of Leo Lionni's Little Blue and Little Yellow.  One day, I pulled out some Arches paper that I had stashed away from a bookbinding class I took in college and Avery got to do some watercolor based on Little Blue and Little Yellow.  We read the book and then Avery got to paint with the colors blue and yellow, mixing them and overlapping them on the paper.  We used Glob paints (our first time using them).  Glob's natural paints are made from fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers and spices, such as blueberry and lemon verbena.  The paints come in powder form and I like that you can make different consistencies based on how much water you add.  Avery loves painting and I can't wait for our next storybook-based art experience!


recent watercolors by avery



my little yellow taxi

This is one of Avery's favorite books, My Little Yellow Taxi by Stephen T. Johnson.  It's highly interactive and there are pieces to pull out, examine and explore.  It is the perfect little book that teaches children about the different aspects of a car.

Avery puts gas in the taxi.

Time to check the tire pressure!

Avery tucks away some snacks in the glove compartment.

Avery loves driving!

Avery checks herself out in the rearview mirror.

There is a removable taxi at the end of the book that Avery loves to drive around!


sticker art

I gave Avery a sheet of blank white labels to color.  Later, she had a good time sticking them onto another piece of paper (although she needed some help peeling the labels off the page).  Then, she chose to color the page a little more.


kid o colored blocks

Avery playing with Kid O's colored blocks.  Love the colors.