don't let the blocks drop

This game by Janod is actually great for a wide span of ages.  It's challenging for Avery to figure out which blocks to pull out without making all the other blocks fall down.  It helps her practice strategy and planning and is super fun, too!  I like how the blocks are versatile—they are a nice addition and add variety to whichever set of building blocks you already have, and are also good for working on letter formation.

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us Don’t Let The Blocks Drop!



Avery found her little Totoro (who was undoubtedly engulfed in her sea of stuffed animals) recently.  She made an airplane for Totoro out of Duplos and Totoro has been sleeping next to Avery in a mitten (a “sleeping bag”).  Avery thinks Totoro is a girl.  "She likes staying home and she likes me to make clothes but I don’t make clothes for Totoro.  I want you to learn to make clothes for Totoro, okay?"


nate's 3rd birthday

When planning Nate’s 3rd birthday, I knew I wanted it to have a couple of handmade details and bright pops of color.  I opted for a palette of turquoise, green, yellow and gray (the names of these colors on the Paper Source site are peacock, clover, sunshine and gravel).  I crafted a couple of party elements—paper chains and flags with Nate’s first initial in washi tape.  Since Nate adores cookies, it was easy to decide on the theme: milk and cookies.  On the menu were a selection of delicious cookies and gorgeous “milk and cookie” fondant cupcakes made by the wonderful Candy Clay Cupcakes.  Happy birthday, Nate!  We are thankful for the blessing you are and your boundless energy and enthusiasm! :)

Sources: cupcakes by Candy Clay Cupcakes, paper from Paper Source, straws from Sweet Estelle and Target,  and set of suitcases from The Land of Nod (a big thank you to Nod for sending them!).  Sources of inspiration included: Sara’s Party Perfect, Hello Hanna and You Are My Fave.


lately lily's first book

It’s no secret that we love Lately Lily, so we were thrilled to find out about Lily’s first book, Lately Lily: Adventures of a Travelling Girl by Micah Player.  Micah’s brilliant artistry and thick brushstrokes bring a lovely vintage feel to Lily’s bright and sunny world.  This book is a great introduction to “The Traveling Girl” and her curiosity and enthusiasm about the big world around her.  Lily travels near and far on an endless quest for discovery and new experiences.  We agree with Lily: “There is so much to SEE!  So much to EXPERIENCE!  So much to EXPLORE!”  You can follow Lily’s apparel line to find out “Where has Lily been, lately?"


toddler ways

I don't know if it's because Nate likes to copy what Avery does or if it's something toddlers like to do in general, but Nate is really into carrying things around in containers--buckets, shopping bags, boxes, you name it.  It is adorable!