freshly picked

Avery had the chance to test drive a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins not too long ago.  She liked how soft they were and loved the color (radiant orchid, a limited edition).  Radiant orchid happens to be Pantone’s color of the year.  These adorable moccasins have definitely become an essential part of a baby’s wardrobe over the last couple of years but they are also fun for older kids to wear.  Striped shirt by Boden, jeans by Gap, suitcase from Paper Source.  A big thanks to Freshly Picked for sending us this pair of lovelies!



Chopsticks, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon, is a fun and endearing story about a pair of chopsticks who are the best of friends that do everything together.  After something happens, the chopsticks get separated and each decides to venture out on its own.  They have wonderful new experiences, but in the end, realize that things are always better when done together.

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us this book



This is a rubbing plate from a recent printmaking experience that Avery had at preschool.  A tutorial for relief printing can be found on Artchoo!  There are collections of other printmaking ideas on The Crafty Crow and The Artful Parent.  Happy printing!


mixing it up

Avery and Nate fell in love with this wooden mixer right out of the box.  They were fascinated with how the beaters worked (using the knob to make the beaters turn) and they enjoyed pouring the “flour" and "brown sugar” in the mixing bowl.  We decided to make cupcakes using shredded paper, pom poms and this Animal Parade Cupcake Kit.  I wonder what these two pastry chefs will be mixing up next!  This little mixer is a great first “countertop appliance” for any play kitchen.

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us this mixer and cupcake kit.


the odd one out

"Elegant penguins stand around in a huddle. All black and white, they are easy to muddle! One has a secret stowed under its wing. Who is protecting a little fledgling?" Just as its name implies, Britta Teckentrup's latest book is a delightful visual exercise in finding "the odd one out." With its brilliant design, playful patterns and clever text, The Odd One Out will be enjoyed by adults as much as children.