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love is a tutu and love is a truck

Amy Novesky is an editor and author of many great works including Cloth Lullaby and Me, Frida.

Love Is a Tutu is the first in the “Love Is” series, a collaboration with Sara Gillingham.  “Love is a pas de deux, the sweetest dance of all.”  The enchanting words and winsome illustrations in this unique clothbound book are an absolute treat and are perfect for the little dancer in your life.

Sara Gillingham has left her mark on the world of publishing and has had a hand in designing scores of beautiful, thoughtful children's books.  The books that she illustrates are no different—they are equally lovely.  Love Is a Truck is sweet and sentimental with the modern sensibilities that she's come to be known for.  It's an ode to trucks and the children who have a deep affinity to them.  Amy Novesky’s text is simple and beautifully rhythmic.  You'll love holding this precious clothbound book in your hands and turning its wonderfully textured pages with your own little truck aficionados.

Brava! to Amy Novesky and Sara Gillingham on this loveliest of collaborations.  Published by Cameron + Company.


wee society books

You know what's awesome?  Wee Society.  We've been fans of their work for years now and we're thrilled that they're bringing their vibrant, modern and playful aesthetic to the world of kidlit.  Their first set of books includes a board book entitled An Incomplete Book of Awesome Things, which celebrates the ordinary (but clearly the unique and the awesome).  Kids can decide for themselves whether they think things like the color yellow, confetti and helicopters are awesome, and they can launch into their own conversations about what things they find swell in life.

Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra is based on Wee Society’s Wee Alphas Find Your Special Letter app (which we’ve really enjoyed using since it came out a few years ago).  Each postcard features an animal and a hidden letter.  The postcards are connected in a fold-out accordion format but can be pulled apart to send to friends.  Writing prompts on the back of each card are witty and sure to induce a few laughs.

Me: A Compendium is a journal for kids to record their current traits, interests and big and small ideas.  The bold, minimal and design-centric pages ask kids to draw and write notable things about themselves like what they’d name their band, their top three ice cream flavors, or what they would program a robot to do.  The list goes on, and it’s fresh, imaginative and hilarious.  The results will be an endearing record of your child in a moment in time, and needless to say, you’ll probably be surprised by what they write!  Because of course, you never know what kids will say. ;)  

Be sure to check out book trailers for Me: A Compendium and An Incomplete Book of Awesome Things.


narwhal: unicorn of the sea

We’re super excited about this little guy swimming onto the kidlit scene next week — Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea.  In the first of Ben Clanton’s new graphic novel series for early readers, we get to know Narwhal’s very active imagination, extremely amiable disposition, love of waffles, his best bud Jelly—the cutest, most feisty jellyfish you’ll ever meet.  The narwhal and jellyfish facts scattered throughout the book were fascinating!

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea was written and illustrated by Ben Clanton and published by Tundra Books.


culture chest giveaway

Alright, cultured readers.  It’s time for a giveaway.

Culture Chest is giving away an October Culture Chest Paperback box. October's theme is Asian cuisine and they will be featuring two books about popular Asian foods from the Philippines and Korea.  Open to US residents only.  Giveaway ends Thursday, September 29, 11:59 PM PDT.  Head over to this Instagram post to enter.


the storm whale in winter

Noi has stolen our hearts once more in The Storm Whale in Winter as we hear about how he misses his beloved storm whale and ponders his whereabouts.  But a chance meeting in the middle of the vast, icy ocean on a wickedly cold night reunites Noi and the little whale.  An endearing sequel, but familiar in a sense because we have come to know Noi, his father and their six cats, and we love them.

The Storm Whale in Winter is by the incomparable Benji Davies and published by Simon & Schuster.