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let's make some great art

“My children’s drawings surprise me all the time.  They break the rules, they inspire, they make me laugh, they shock.  I don’t want that to change for as long as possible.” — Marion Deuchars 

Avery has been absolutely loving going through the pages of Let’s Make Some Great ArtMarion Deuchars’ intriguing prompts and ideas are inspired by twelve renowned artists—Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder, to name a couple.  The projects in the book, originally designed for her own sons, explore what art is, its many types and ways, and what it means to people.

Take a look at of some of the fantastic page spreads in the book here.  Let’s Make Some Great Art was written and illustrated by Marion Deuchars and published by Laurence King.


hello goodbye

An opposites book with a mysterious twist.  Antonyms such as night and day and near and far are hidden on each page, only to be revealed through a red and blue viewer.  Engaged and kept on their toes—an ideal mode for learning anything, wouldn't you agree?

Hello Goodbye: The Magic of Opposites was written and illustrated by Delphine Chedru, and published by Little Gestalten.


food anatomy

Flipping through Julia Rothman's latest this afternoon.  We love seeing the world of food—with its more familiar fare and its lesser known oddities—through her thoughtful eye and distinctive style.  One of our favorite pages: curd nerdisms, which introduced us to the concept of "transhumance."  Glad to be able to brush up on our short order egg lingo, learn about delectable dumplings from around the world, and so much more, all in one sitting.

Food Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of Our Edible World was written and illustrated by Julia Rothman, with help from Rachel Wharton.  From Storey Publishing.


my color is rainbow

This book was unquestionably a bright spot in our dreary, stormy week.  Little White Arch is on a search to find his identity.  Who will he be?  Who should he be?  We follow him as he considers a gamut of possibilities and comes to embrace all the new facets of his character.

My Color Is Rainbow was written by Agnes Hsu (@hellowonderful_co), illustrated by Yuliya Gwilym (@yufrukt) and is available for purchase on Plaeful (US and international) and Amazon (US only).


the illustrated atlas of architecture and marvelous monuments

The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments takes us on a trip through 5 continents and 80 countries to explore extraordinary buildings, structures and monuments.  Characteristics, interesting facts and unique details of each masterpiece are offered along with crisp, modern illustrations.  Did you know that only UK residents are allowed to visit Big Ben?  Gaudí’s Sagrada Família will have been under construction for 144 years by the time it comes to a finish in 2026.  Seattle Central Library can hold up to 1.5 million books.  Trong Nghia received 11 architectural prizes for the sustainable nursery school he designed with a plant-covered roof that regulates the temperature.  Its plants are irrigated with the recycled water from a nearby shoe factory.  So much to learn, discover and marvel at, in this oversized architectural compendium by Sarah Tavernier and Alexander Verhille.  Published by Little Gestalten.