walk this world

Walk This World, by Jenny Broom and Lotta Nieminen, is a collection of engaging stylized global scenes.  Little hands can lift the flaps on each set of pages to make curious discoveries about the countries featured.  There are more than 80 flaps that range from windows and doors to underground spaces.  It’s a lovely introduction to the world for young readers.


nate draws

This is what Nate is into drawing these days.  He loves these Djeco markers.  I really like the color palette.


our animal friends on maple hill farm

Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm was given to us by some good friends.  By Alice and Martin Provensen, it is the companion to The Year at Maple Hill Farm.  The Provensens take you into the world of the residents of Maple Hill Farm—two dogs, five horses, a pig, some geese, lots of chickens, a few cows, a few goats, several sheep and four special cats.   Their personalities and quirks are portrayed through endearing and clever vignettes and illustrations.  Anyone who loves animals will love this book.



In Windblown, by illustrator Édouard Manceau, is about a collection of pieces of paper that travel from page to page, all being claimed by different animals.  To whom do the scraps of paper really belong?  One of the best parts of the book is the link to your own set of printable scraps of paper that you can use to fashion your own animals or creatures.


sam and dave dig a hole

“When should we stop digging?" asked Sam.

“We are on a mission,” said Dave.

“We won’t stop digging until we find something spectacular."

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole is by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, the pair behind the magical Extra Yarn (one of Avery's favorite books).  The story revolves around Sam and Dave who, well, make a big hole in the ground, and what they discover (or don't discover) along the way.  The scenes are rendered using colored pencils in dusky earthy tones, which is very fitting for the story.  The ending will have you thinking (and pining for Sam and Dave's next adventure)!  

Click here to watch a clever trailer for this Caldecott Honor-winning book.