summer reading and snacks

From my post on Honest to Nod today.  With the end of the school year upon us, I’m sharing a way to make summer reading more fun.  Nosh inspired by the wonderful team at Super Make It!


on sudden hill

On Sudden Hill is about childhood, friendship, change, deeply beautiful sunsets and a huge box-on-wheels called Mr. ClimbFierce.  It also exemplifies the slow life, which I'm a fan of.  Thoughtfully written by Linda Sarah and illustrated by Benji Davies.



I'm a sucker for children's travel books.  Here's the latest from Big Picture Press: Metropolis by Benoit Tardif.  Snapshots of 32 different cities includes notable architecture, landmarks, local gastronomy, food culture and cultural gems.  The cities featured are Montreal, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Moscow, Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Fez, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bombay, Seoul, Jakarta, Sydney and Auckland.



With June around the corner, I'm over on hello, Wonderful sharing some of our favorite chapter books for the summer.  Summer is such the perfect time to re-read old stories that you know and love AND discover soon-to-be favorites.  What is everyone looking forward to reading this summer?  We're still adding to our summer stack!


miss mary mack

Oh, little playmate,

Come out and play with me.

And bring your dollies three.

Climb up my apple tree.

Slide down my rainbow,

Into my cellar door.

And we’ll be jolly friends

Forevermore, more, more.

A little Alan Tiegreen for your Monday morning.  And does that hand-clapping rhyme bring back any memories for anyone?  A little while ago, Avery started coming home and singing parts of rhymes that she had learned from friends at school.  I decided to buy her this collection of playground rhymes by Joanna Cole and Stephanie Calmenson so that she could memorize a few more to chant with her friends at recess.  It was definitely a perk that Alan Tiegreen illustrated this book—seeing his work conjures up heaps of nostalgia since his pictures graced the pages of some of my favorite Beverly Cleary books.  Miss Mary Mack and Other Children's Street Rhymes is by Joanna Cole, Stephanie Calmenson and Alan Tiegreen.