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stacking towers

We are so in love with these stacking towers by German company Grimms Spiel und Holz Design!  We found them at one of our favorite online stores for wooden and traditional toys, The Wooden Wagon.  As you can see, the colors are stunning and the rings and tower are made of wood with water-based dyes.  The first time Avery was able to master placing the rings on the posts, she was so proud of herself!


mimi the sardine on the mini social

Guess what everyone, select Mimi the Sardine eating accessories are on sale at The Mini Social!  Only 26 hours left on this sale, by the way!  Mimi the Sardine products are made of stain-resistant, acrylic-coated organic cotton and you can easily wipe them clean or throw them in the wash.  Messy baby bibs are being offered at $15 (original price $24) and lunch bugs are $14 (original price $24)!  They also have a few great-looking placemats and tablecloths.  The tablecloths can double as art mats so your kids can feel free to get messy while experimenting with paint and other media.  It’s a great opportunity to stock up for your children, or for gifts (think Christmas)!  Our household is stockpiled for this year's birthdays and Christmas. :D

Click here for an invitation to join The Mini Social.  Check out their other sales.  They have new and interesting clothing and toys all the time!


marshmallow frosting

If you ever need a quick (lightning speed) frosting, this is it!  Via The Kitchn.

Image: Not Without Salt


training cup

Daily Candy Kids just featured an interesting training cup attachment for toddlers.  It's a BPA-free cap and sleeve that fit onto an 8 oz. canning jar and is spill-resistant, spout-free and valve-free!  You can buy the EIO Kids Cup at The Soft Landing or Mighty Nest.

Image: EIO Kids Cup


IKEA play food

I discovered via beloved Ohdeedoh that affordable play food from IKEA coming soon!  Play food lovers, rejoice!  Can't wait to get my hands on these for Avery!  Oh, the pretend meals we'll devour!  Ohdeedoh advises us that "The Duktig play food is not online yet, but should be hitting stores soon!"  Yes, I will be calling our local IKEA tomorrow.

Images: Ohdeedoh